La costiera danza tutto l’anno



he 44th edition of the Awards sees the completion of the first part of the project “Positano Winter & Young”, which involved Campanian young students and talents in the activities of the whole integrated chain of ‘Positano premia la danza’. The project is coordinated by Laura Valente, General and Artistic director of the Awards since 2015. The ten selected young boys and girls were involved in all the activities of the festival and collaborated also to the creation of the MASSINE NUREYEV POSITANO DANCE ARCHIVE, that is under formation, an action that in the future will allow tourists and dance lovers to consult the immense heritage of the dance festival and the history of Positano, such as posters and period newspapers, portraits and varied materials dedicated to these two great artists. Those selected had been also involved for five months in the making of a documentary short film dedicates to Nureyev, in cooperation with Rai Teche, that was presented at the 44th edition of the festival. The project actions were realised with the coopertion of Suor Orsola Benincasa University (master programme in Cinema), the Academy of Fine Arts and Dancingpost, a dance and information magazine based in Naples and New York.

Dance, Memory, Innovation: words that evoke beauty and grace, between memory and future, while never forgetting that young talents are our future. It is with them that we made, together with tourists and dance lovers, a yearlong multifaceted, multihued and ideal journey.

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